Last week but one; an absolutely joyous week for mankind. And when I say mankind, I actually mean: me. (Alright, no need to sound so disappointed.) For the first time in a year, I stepped off the workplace wagon and headed back towards the more traditional educational establishment; Central St.Martins. A course in interior styling with one of the industry’s greats was on the agenda and to say that I was excited at the prospect would do my disposition an enormous injustice.

Led by Sue Pitman, interior stylist to many a retail star, the week was awash with magazine and moodboard madness; heaven for esteemed cutting-sticking-gluers such as myself. Practised professionals offered pearls of wisdom; school trips were had to Heal’s, Habitat and Liberty; sketches were scrawled, products perused, concepts compiled.

My usual end-of-day sloth like stagger from the tube to train to car to gym (exceptionally long-winded commute you say? Why, yes.) was replaced with a hop, skip and jump. My Facebook stati took an unprecedented swing from glum to gleeful (I quote, “magical”). And the bubble of blissfulness that was my Art A-Level just one year previously came bounding back.

Financed via the holiday fund, my “inspiration vacation” was superior to any skin of the sun-kissed variety. Imagination fired, passion probed, life’s calling confirmed.

Disclaimer: this post may be uncharacteristically gushy. What can I say; it was a top-notch time.



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