A magnet for well-mannered kiddiewinkles and families fresh out of the Joules Catalogue, The National Trust never fails to be a cocoon of civilised exquisiteness- and that’s just your fellow visitors. Venture into one of the many places belonging to this charity of historic greatness and you are guaranteed an awe-inspiring scene of Great British Beauty.

Whilst in Devon last weekend, the chums and I channelled our inner Cultured and popped to a place I’ve frequented many a time; Knightshayes in Tiverton. I will confess that I’ve never actually been inside the heavenly house (don’t judge, I’ve been in many other NT Houses), BUT I’ve hoofed the length of the Impey Walk more times that I care to count, succumbed to a perusal of the twee gift shop successively and eaten a shameful amount of carrot cake in the coffee shop. Exercise, shopping and munching aside, it is the walled Kitchen Garden at Knightshayes that I live for. It was slightly under the weather this weekend, for which the abominal summer and autumn chill can only be to blame, but when in full bloom it is a sensation. Take my word for it. It’s looking pretty-mighty-bloody-fine even now, so just imagine the breath-taking tableau when on top form. I know, ‘MAZEBALLS.

If you’re in the area I would recommend that you swing by because you, my friend, would be a fool to miss it.


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