It’s common knowledge that cake-making isn’t my forte. As in, I cannot bake to save. My. Life. (If I recall correctly, my last attempt at Carrot Cake was sampled by personne other than the dustbin- not said dustbin’s lucky day.) So it could be considered comical that I found myself negotiating the sea of stalls and eager baking beavers at The Cake & Bake Show 2012 in Earl’s Court yesterday.

But when the offer of a free ticket from a kind friend presented itself on Saturday morning via the 21st Century communicator that is Facebook, I simply couldn’t resist the lure of sugary-sampling.

The show itself was an experience, with the countless patterned cupcake cases, seminars on getting that sugar icing  just right and army of spotted aprons proving paradise, I’m sure, for the professional dough punchers among us. Fellow muddlers- for whom the whipping up of even the simplest of sponges is an uphill struggle (right there with you)- might deem this particular event ever so slightly… advanced.

Despite a deepening of baking-bafflement, a heightening of cake-confusion and the slightest of lackings in the Complimentary Toothsome Offerings department, I had a lovely time, admired many a mile of bunting and bought some rather tasty greetings cards. Not sure I’d go again before having won the fight against homemade and edible confections though.


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