Aside from the inevitable dodging of torrential rain, on the agenda today is cake and coffee for a friend’s birthday (yes, apparently it is this raucous an affair when one reaches the ripe old age of twenty), writing of the email variety and a Body Pump-induced sweatathon.

Next week sees a return to my holding of the fort that is Literary & Talent Management, so I’m prepping for every inch of spare time to- once again- be lost. Thus, photo-faffing shall be a top priority- because there are just so many things that simply must be shared.

I’m popping to a family friend’s eye-achingly beautiful abode tomorrow to get my House Pap on, so watch this space.

Until then, a very Happy Birthday to Laura and Alex; twins, family friends and two talented ladies that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since our first day as angelic Secondary School-going Year Sevens!


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