100% DESIGN //

It’s a date I’d been meaning to put in the diary since completing Sue Pitman’s Interior Styling course at St.Martin’s, but with September flinging itself upon us in the manner that it did (and it’s already October) I hadn’t quite put fingers to Google like I should have.

So imagine my sheer, serendipitous delight at seeing a “100% Design This Way, Oh Wide Eyed One” as I marched into the Cake & Bake Show two Saturdays ago. (Hint: I was de-light-ed.)

A newcomer to such an event, my eyes were, once again, wide with wonder at the variety of decadent design on display.

The pleasing green palette of the charming Tip Ton chairs by Vitra caught my eye immediately, as did Mark’s Verso Chair; reminiscent of the seats on which I sat as ten year old me in a classroom in France. Plant & Moss had also done a rather pleasing job in the chair department, bringing their wooden seaters to life with a splash of welcome colour, as had Casala sporting, what I like to call, “Stacked Rainbow Chic”.

Young and Norgate’s quintessentially British graphic design had me smitten before even realising their roots lay in Devonshire- a further degree of adoration entailing- and Kirath Ghundoo’s innovative wallpaper stole my heart. The styling of the Air by deVOL’s kitchen got me quite excited, as did Magis’ fantastically fun product range and even better brochure– erm hello, it has a donkey’s face on the front!

To my delight, designers of quite possibly the greatest picnic table that ever lived, were in attendance. After stroking Jennifer Newman’s new RIB Range a silly number of times, I slipped into captivating conversation with one of her, very lovely, team. And here I stayed for rather a long time before I had to tear myself away (absolutely no sarcasm whatsoever intended) and scoot around the remainder of the exhibition before closing.

A great first 100% Design experience. I came away knowing many things; namely that I definitely do have an unhealthy obsession with chairs.


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