If yesterday’s anything to go by, this week is set to be bonkers busy. Which is, quite frankly, music to mes oreilles.

I love being busy. I love the productivity that stems from the pressures of a jam-packed agenda and the Motivation Station I become when presented with block after block of varying tasks to tackle, dates in the diary. I’ve come to realise- in my old age- that achievement is something I thrive on. Reaching the end of the day having achieved- even if it is something as minor as fending off Keira Knightly stalkers (because no, she actually doesn’t live here, sorry)- is very fulfilling. And in the endless pursuit of happiness, feeling fulfilled is in fact essential, I find.

So with morning musings seemingly spilt, I must get back to reading over Commuter Next To Me’s shoulder- a car magazine, Mini Convertible on the cover, I’m sold- and leave you with some White Wonderment from Butterfield House; a maison I keep mentioning but have yet to post in its entirety. (It’s drafted, I assure you. Finding concluding words for my half a dozen drafts seems to be proving problematisch, presently.)

May your Tuesday be tickled pink. I’m hoping to be back with more exciting happenings soon. If not this week, then next. Tis a date?


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