I clop (read: power walk in sensible flat shoes) through the office doors a good forty to fifty minutes early on an average day. Partly because of the way the trains and traffic work, partly because I quite like easing into the day, but mainly thanks to an excessively punctual personality (I am, after all, my mother’s daughter). As such, I have some perusal time before I crack open the inbox and tackle the delights of the day.

One particularly miserable Monday I was browsing t’internet during said hour; one thing led to another and before I knew it I was sat beaming at Cox & Cox’s homepage. Not a company I can recall stumbling across at any point previously, my mood was somewhat lifted by the Scandinavian-esque goodies up for grabs. The clever cloggs’ at Cox & Cox HQ have done a rather snazzy job of individually styling and shooting- a touch which, in my humble opinion, makes all the difference to a brand- meaning the already delicious line of goods are even more enticing. Yes, they really are.

Given that sharing is caring, I simply had to email the press office, indulge in chit chat and grab a few images of my absolute favourites- for a post which is in no way whatsoever sponsored, I hasten to add. I’ve not made a purchase just yet, but with the birthday scroll (read: post-it note- the mini version- credit crunch ladies and gents, credit crunch) shortly to be drawn up, I might just be requesting a longed-after item or two.

So without further ado, I present Cox & Cox and just a fraction of the endlessly lovely things that caught my eye. Credit cards at the ready, brace, brace.

From top to bottom and left to right:

  1. I actually need these letters in my life. Love. ‘Em.
  2. Well hello there lovely nordic pendant lightPillows; you’re also sitting pretty, aren’t you?
  3. Whoah, popcorn bowl?! As Miranda’s mother would say, “such fun!”
  4. Not seen a speaker like this before- me likely the wood/white combo. Très chic, très chic.
  5. Oh crumbs, I frigging love stuff like this, it makes the menial bearable.
  6. These platters are just great- usable as chopping or bread boards, but also as platters- or even plates. Yep, I can see a drippy slice of spinach and ricotta pizza resting seductively on there, you?
  7. Who doesn’t love a candle? Particularly one with a mustard hue, fabric top and cute tumbler. And the fact it’s a cake. But a candle. *Calorie-friendly alert*.

All images courtesy of Cox & Cox, more of which can be seen here.

You, my friend, are absolutely welcome. Happy Wednesday!


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