Sorry, what was that? Grease-coated walls are not in this season? Pffft.

There are reasons as to why I’ve posted precisely nada regarding the family home thus far. Firstly; the above. Need I actually say more? Secondly; for matters of the common sense variety.

I am itching to disclose the situation the Parentials and I are currently in because then this tripe I am mid-way through spouting would make some sort of sense. But I can’t. Not just yet. Which means this is one of those hideous teaser-type posts which I actually don’t intend to be a teaser at all (because really, as if you’re prepping to put your life on hold in honour of such an *announcement*) but more an I-Genuinely-Do-Love-All-Things-Housey-But-Am-Currently-Slightly-Creatively-Inhibited-So-I-Just-Wanted-You-To-Know-I’m-Not-Living-A-Lie type post.

The minute we get the word all juicy scoop shall be yours.

If we get the word.

Feel free to reach for a slab of wood to touch/hug/hold onto for dear life- preferably the latter.


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