Disclaimer: The following is so completely beautiful that you may wonder if your eyes are deceiving you. Spare the trip to Specsavers; I can assure you they are not.

I’m not sure about you, but the french quarters of the blogosphere had been waters relatively uncharted within the realms of my mental blogroll. Until just recently, that is. Lying rather firmly (read: cemented) in British and Scandinavian style, I can only assume my heart had been distracted from the apparent loveliness that lay just across the channel. And by apparent loveliness I mean only one thing: Caroline Gomez, an absolute flipping genius of a Madame with a, seemingly effortless, ability to make the everyday completely and utterly lovely.

It was during a Friday morning flick of the recently re-launched Milk Decoration (scored in a newsagents just down the road from the office- a celebratory dance ensued) that my eyes and Caroline’s rather dashing Maison first met. Needing to find out more for reasons of self-sanity, I put the tasks of the day momentarily on hold (like the professional that I am) and took to Google, as one does. It was here that my mouth fell open and the drool began to flow (one heck of a revolting visual- I can only apologise) as I perused Caroline’s paradise of pastels- drizzled in a dash of neon, no less.

With such joy needing to be spread to one and all, I rolled out an email to the talent in question- attempting to channel my ten year old french-school-attending-french-speaking self- and asked if Caroline might be so kind as to ply me with the most humungous list of requested images- because choosing just a handful was out of the do-able question. And said humungous list was joyfully received.

So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the bloody brilliance that is Caroline Gomez; wonderment guaranteed to brighten this grey, murky and miserable day. *Drum roll please…*

This is, in short, the prettiest beach I have ever seen. You?Those fish surely can’t be real? *Drool. Flying the nest and moving into one of these? Sounds like a plan, Stanley.

Caroline’s empire stops not at her blog, crumbs, no. Her talents extend far and wide with a shop, site and magazine (a copy of which I fully intend to get my hands on) among the Gomez Greatness awaiting your beady eyes.

No, really, don’t thank me. Tis my pleasure.

Happy Wednesday!

All images courtesy of Caroline Gomez- merci beaucoup Caroline!


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