I’ve got the day off work today. In between the huffs and puffs regarding my dissatisfaction with said free time (days off- just not a fan. I like competing with fellow commuters for a teeny tiny seat on the train and sauntering through the hustle and bustle of Soho breathing in the morning wafts of pollution-filled goodness. I like dropping by each floor of the grown-up office for a chinwaggawag and catch up on all the latest juicy scoop with anyone willing. I like working. You?) I did button up and head out for yet another countryside stride. The Father and Ollie Dawg- another member of the immediate Mutt Family, to be introduced in due course, naturally- were the chosen ones and we legged it in a suitably brisk manner across fields and footpaths.

My Misery Bear demeanour was momentarily quashed upon this scene of mighty fineness- a vista soaked up on every pooch walk but looking that extra bit dashing this morning. I seized the opportunity to snap a snap (albeit a not-so-amazing Blackberry camera one) and considered myself a little bit lucky to have such beauty on our doorstep, before sticking fingers firmly back in my eyes (and up at people, ahem) and continuing the fight against this never-bloody-ending cold/throat/chest/virus thing that I would strongly encourage to kindly do one. Day nine of it people, day nine.

With more endorphines in need of being released I’ve got an evening of gym-filled fun ahead of me- no sarcasm whatsoever intended. I legit love Tuesday’s Spinning-Body Attack-Yoga Cocktail and it will make a pleasant change to not be absolutely pegging it from office to tube to train to car to gym. That’s not a perk to today’s day off work, is it?


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