You know you need to get out more when you have a blog post containing no substance other than that of the fruit and veg variety. But, as these very pictures would illustrate, opting out of university, jumping from job to job in the city and living in the country is, it turns out, not all that it’s cracked up to be. So rather than nursing the hangover from hell that a Spring Chicken of my such age should be, Sunday morning saw myself and that Little Mummy of mine pottering over to Secretts for their Christmas Craft Fair. I’m not sure what I was expecting- gifts and goodies to die for? bargainous local produce? mince pies and hot cups with an extra dollop of froth on top?- but I was just a tad underwhelmed by the lack-lustre presentation and unimaginative spread on offer, if I’m being perfectly honest. Especially having negotiated the chaotic parking situation- but that’s a story less interesting than watching paint dry.

The actual farm shop itself was enchantingly rugged so I thought myself a big, brave girl and brought out the Lean Mean Snapping Machine that is my not-even-slightly-inconspicuous camera. That was until a just-making-conversation Stallholder enquired as to why I was taking photos and I jabbered out a rambled-reply before scurrying off ever so slightly red-faced. I still find having a blog and taking photos of the everyday a little bit embarrassing, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe this is because such an outlet is not my “calling”. Or maybe- on this particular occasion- I was at a Farmer’s Market in the sleepier end of Surrey where precisely no one had their camera out and thus, looked slightly out of place. Either way, I shall plough on. For now.

Fabulous fruit and veg will never fail to turn my frown (a permanent feature at present) upside down. 


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