Cripes, it’s been a chilly one lately, hasn’t it? Icy roads have been negotiated at twenty miles per hour, chilblains have multiplied (one finger has been suffering since September so you can only imagine the state it is in now) and the electric blanket has been working over time, mainly due to our currently-only-half-functioning central heating that results in a maison of arctic proportions. But hey, we’re doing better than last week where no heating or hot water was had whatsoever for three solid siberian days. And boy did we know about it.

I’m having a bit of a Photoshop (or lack thereof) ‘mare at the moment, meaning the umpteen drafted posts I’d lovingly written (1514 words in some cases- I know, carried away would not even begin to cover it) are on hold for the time being. Très frustrating my friend, très frustrating. But it’s not just technology that has let the side down. I’ve been feeling especially uninspired recently. As in, my enthusiasm for life and precisely everything within has been on the floor. In my twenty years of existence (still staggers me that I’m out of my teens) I’ve never experienced a lull like it. But I’ve had a stern word with myself, decided this just won’t do and scored myself a little creative job on the side; a supplement to Literary & Talent Management and the solution, it would seem, to my once spiritless state of mind.

I’m not consistently high on life just yet, but I’ve had an absolutely TOP day today flexing my social media muscles, getting snap-happy and cracking out some copy. Not only are the surroundings oooozing inspiration, but my new “office” is warm! I can take the gloves off when typing, it’s AMAZING.

Hope you are surviving the chilly spell!


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