Oh my goodness gracious me has the festive season been a whirlwind of (mostly) fabulous family gatherings. And quite possibly the greatest knees up of all time ever was had yesterday. Presecco-fuelled, my Granny’s 84th Birthday was celebrated with an absolutely bloody brilliant shindig at my Auntie and Uncle’s house- one awaiting renovation, for those eyes widened by that beaut wallpaper.

Born entertainers, get-togethers hosted by this particular pair always have me giddy with excitement; they’re guaranteed good’uns. As mere kiddiewinkles, Uncle G was ‘the cool one’; the one that bought us the nosiest toys, took us to the funfair late at night and allowed us ice creams as large as ourselves. Following a popping of a particular question, my now-Auntie S made a childhood bridesmaid dream come true just as I thought it was too late. And the cherry on an already delicious cake; I was given the humbling role of Godmother to little miss Grace Sienna; the first of two very gorgeous cousins dropped by the stork.

So it’s hardly surprising this birthday bonanza was of the sort that begins at a tame two o’clock in the afternoon, grows gradually more raucous as time ticks by and ends at a merry one in the morning. No, no, that was absolutely not me comatosed in the back of my (sober) cousin’s car as we sped down an empty M25.

Lord only knows how many tipples washed down a rather stupendous party spread, but the hoots of happiness and declaration as the “best birthday ever” from Granny seemed to suggest this family of party people really had put on a good show.

Bravo to those jammy buggers and happy birthday Granny Pippa!


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