As I pottered around the especially cute quarters of my job on the side yesterday morning, having a little play of the ‘togging variety, I made a realisation. That realisation being that it is the kiddewinkle side of homes and interiors, specifically, that sets my world on fire. Faffing for toggy-type shoots is noticably easier in this niche, it would seem.

I’ve always absolutely loved little ones. Frankly, it’s remarkable I’ve made it to twenty without popping out a few because I’ve been broody since I, myself, exited the womb (cue future suitors running for their lives). My own childhood was also off-the-scale good (parentials, I really do owe you one), which makes for just a bit of a dream team when it comes to my feelings towards all things tot.

Baby/Little Joule; my heart screams at the sight of such colourful loveliness. I need to work for them. Illustrations in bambino books; works of art that will never fail to slap a smile on my face. And when it comes to Children’s IKEA? I am Alice in Wonderland.

So, just maybe, this evident passion of stuff for small people ought to be where my future lies. Hmmmm.

*reaches for thinking cap


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