Hey now, did I ever tell you about the Office Christmas Party? About how I got merry on the night-long free bar? How the American-themed Canapés just totally hit the stomach-lining spot? How I found myself shimmying across the dance floor, with no reserve whatsoever, for virtually the entire night (a rarity to say the least)? Did I also never tell you about how amusing the taxi ride home was? How noisily I crashed through the front door of the brother’s abode at 3am? And how thankful I was to get off the Overground into some fresh air the next morning? Because any longer and…

Well, I hereby tell you that the Office Christmas Party was off-the-scale good. Epic, in fact. Epic. And here’s the evidence to prove it.

All photos copyright The Photo Emporium who were, from what I recall, ridiculously fab. Happy, helpful, the works.


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