It has been an utterly crackers week. Crackers and busy. But busy is good; we love busy.

I was hauled into London on Monday morning for an impromptu day of work- which turned into a week. And while I love heading into the big smoke, it is an all-consuming wake up at 6am get home at 10pm sort of affair, meaning precisely everything had to be put on the back burner. Happiness-inducing workout classes were missed and the less favourable option of gym machinery taken. To say I was whacked by the end of said week would do it a huge injustice.

Knowing I had to make it in to complete incomplete matters, I fought my way through Friday’s revised timetable extra early- four trains’ worth of commuters on one train: hell on earth– to reach my desk before snow started falling. With seven hours of working like a mad-man complete, I dashed off to catch a train home in the blizzard. I was met with a five-inch blanket of the white stuff upon my arrival at the station car park; thank goodness for CD covers and their brilliance when it comes to brushing off snow.

The weekend has been one of frothy cups, country walks and admiration of the snow. I absolutely love snow; it sets my world on fire. I love the sense of community it brings; villagers abandon cars in favour of walking, roads are clear of traffic and life takes on a sense of serenity. I also adore the light, brightness that comes with a smattering of winter flakes; my usually dark and dingy bedroom felt positively Scandinavian when I awoke this morning. So inspired by this new found light I was, I had a shuffle about and even took a few photos of our pre-renovation shack. *gasp* Admittedly they’re poor; no matter how delightful the elements that embossed wallpaper will always be stomach-churning- and my photography skills, or lack thereof, are nowt to shout about either.

But when it comes to The House Situation, this is progress. With any luck the next few weeks with bring even more progress. Progress whereby shit-brown carpets can be ripped up, green gloss walls painted over. Oh, that would be amazing. Truly amazing. Cross those fingers ladies and gents…    

P.s Please excuse the dust. We’re clean really. Promise.


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