WARNING: Creative juices were spilled in the making of this blog post.

My feelings towards fashion, you ask? Fashion smashion. Start chatting fashion and I run for the hills. Suggest shopping clothing and I sprint for the mountains.

To me, clothes shopping is like stabbing eyeballs repeatedly with a freshly-sharpened steak knife. It is like slicing limbs off one by one with a super-charged chainsaw; hanging off the edge of a cliff with nothing but a dislodged fingernail and a toothpick.

The thing with clothes shopping, friends, is that there is never a reward. I never leave the shop bag-swinging and looking hot to frigging trot- even before my eyeballs have been stabbed, limbs sliced and soul lost to the sea.


But Boden. We need to talk about Boden; the kings of the catalogue world. A world whereby precisely zero energy is lost to fruitless but effortful clothes shopping trips. Now I have so much time for Boden.

As a young one I poured over the Mini catalogue and circled everything that my heart desired in the hope that the Boden fairy might leave it under my pillow. As a slightly older one I still sit and circle everything, except this time, sadly, I’m about as hopeful of the Boden fairy arriving as I am of squeezing into that aged 5-6 polka dot skirt. (And even if pigs flew, could this twenty year old really pull off that beaut of a green striped t-shirt complete with iced lolly appliqué and flower sleeves?)


Boden’s beautifully british catalogues have always captivated me, as have their savvy approach when it comes to the old marketing lingo. They just leave you feeling happy, don’t they? I positively want to greet them with a sloppy french smacker after reading the chummy repartee that accompanies all promotional material.

Jobby on the Side purposes resulted in access to the press website being gained today, wherein some cracking images lie. So because I’ve always been just the most hummungous fan of their art direction and styling, I thought I’d share a few faves avec vous. Don’t mind if I do.


(I mainly included the last photo because he is wearing sexy specs. But shh, don’t tell. We could also discuss how mighty fine image two is looking, non?)

And no, this is not “sponsered by Boden”. I just got carried away in a moment of article-that-I-should-be-writing procrastination. Alright?

P.s Obvs, these images are not mine. All courtesy of the brainboxes at Boden, aren’t they.


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