I’ve been agonising over the opening and closing paragraphs of an article I’m mid-writing for, what feels like, a number of decades. After failed attempt six last night, I gave up and went home. Home being the electric-blanket-heated, snotty, dribbled-on haven that is my bed. I spoil you with such sexy visuals, I know.

But today. Today we’ve had, what would appear to be, a slight breakthrough. Unusually for me, it didn’t fall into place with the clap of thunder and bolt of lightening ferocity typical of such situations. But they do say slow and steady wins the race and that it has been.

I’ve cast aforementioned write-up aside for now and shall return for a final look-over and edit tomorrow, before I send it on it’s merry way. I’m hoping Thursday’s fresh eyes will read prose of an earth-shatteringly brilliant nature but, frankly, anything is possible. Fingers crosseth.

On another note; posts of a “musings” nature have come thick and fast as of late, haven’t they? Someone needs a smidge less pooch chat and a shite-load more human contact in their lives, ahem. Though I did spend an hour and ten minutes on the phone to an absolutely cracking chum- does that count?


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