Do you ever stumble across a blog and fall head over heels in love within approximately 3 seconds?

At a quarter past five this evening, Cinq Mai stole my heart with it’s utter gorgeousness. Gorgeousness of such a high degree that I unearthed the french from within my 10-year-old-fluent-self and left a comment, en français (albeit questionable français). And it takes a lot for me to crack open the French. A lot.

After I’d finished inserting accents aigus, I reached for my phone and tapped an over-excited “You MUST see this!!!” text to a darling one with whom I’ve been chatting all things blog and beautiful today.

And beautiful Cinq Mai certainly is. Caroline’s photography is absolutely breath-taking; her use of Liberty’s famous prints is perfection, her home is enchanting and her palette of colours are my dream.

Oh the french; they’re just so darn talented, aren’t they?

Hop on over to Cinq Mai’s Shop, Blog and Photography pages; you have not lived until you’ve witnessed the wonderment for yourself, I’m telling you.

All images copyright Cinq Mai; a blog so beauteous it’s obscene.


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