Yes, yes, yes, long time no chin wagga wag. Life’s gone slightly crackers on me. But before we chat life, can we just talk about the above cake. Are you salivating? Well that was the weekend. Thank goodness my baking skills aren’t up the standard of Daisy’s or I’d be the size of a house I tell you. Actually, make that the Houses of Parliament.

Anyway, the briefest of brief updates is that I’ve got a new jobby job that came unexpectedly (but brilliantly, obvs), am mid-gaining an additional qualification (given this afternoon’s four hours of fruitless practise, however, the gaining of said qualification is questionable) and continue to drop everything that briefly comes into contact with my hands. Living with Yours Truly: not for the faint-hearted.

We also received some absolutely amazing news this past week that has been fourteen or so long months in the making. Needless to say, there was champagne.

On a school night.

OH yes.

Back prontissimo, promise promise.


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