Hello. Hi. Howdy. Aloha. Bonjourno. Guten Morgen. Salut. Hej.

Welcome to this little corner of the internet; I like to call it my own. This “About” page has had me somewhat stumped for a number of weeks, namely because the very thought of such a self-indulgent space leaves me searching for a hole to climb into, a cushion from which to type behind. But given that I, and every blog reader I know, tend to head for the about section upon stumbling on a new stretch of Cyberspace, I’m going to be bold and give a brief* history behind this blog.

Ready? Aaaand 3, 2, 1:

The stork dropped me on the doorstep of a humble house on Stanley Road in 1992. I mention the road because I’ve lived a life defined by house moves, following two very property passionate parents across three countries and countless counties. When I say they’re passionate about property, I don’t mean passionate smasshionate. I mean really passionate. Passion personified. THE PINNACLE OF PASSION. I celebrated my thirtieth house move in nineteen years of life in March this year- and we might just have cracked open a bottle of the fizzy stuff in celebration.

Until recently I was in denial with regards to the inheriting of this aforementioned passion. A-Level Art saw me fall head over heels for interiors and after 13,000 words (approximately 10,000 more than required) on my love of Scandinavian and British interior design I succumbed to the fact I, too, was batty for Bricks and Mortar. (And that I’d single-handedly bored both the teacher and examiner to a record extent of rigidness.) My education was done and dusted on 24th June 2011 and I exited the examination hall with exhilaration and anticipation. I spent the summer catching some rays before embarking on the carving on my career path- a mission I intended to successfully complete without the aid of a degree.

Yes, that is correctamundo. Armed with four champagne-worthy A-Level results I took the, seemingly controversial, decision not to go to university. Voluntarily. Out. Of. Choice. Yes, even with those grades.

My year of ridin’ solo has, thus far, been fruitful and very fun. I’ve tried my hand at Television Production, dipped into PR, Celebrity Management, Endorsement, Events and Photography, Personally Assisted a TV Property Expert and held the position as Assistant Site Editor at the UK’s #1 Wedding Website. This summer I swapped sunshine for an “Inspiration Vacation”, splurging my holiday fund on a course in Interior Styling for Photography and Advertising at Central St. Martins. Currently in the field of Literary and Talent Management, I’m dividing my time between the day job and the dream of working within the interiors industry.

I love to talk (can you tell?), insist on Hot Chocolates being Super Skinny and Extra Frothy (because I will return it otherwise) and live for the next bowl of apple crumble- coated in hot, drippy custard- obviously. I fall to my feet at the sight of beautiful flowers, drool daily at heavenly houses and defined my style aged five as “Trainers awfully dirty, flowers under the stairs”. I have a brother named Darcy (after Mr. Darcy), still live at home in South East England (currently a shack awaiting renovation) and dote (debatable) over three perfect (again, debatable) poochies.

In my world, it will always be Pimms O’clock.

Grab a cuppa (or something stronger) and hang about if you wish; I’ll spill a smidgen more. Otherwise, safe onward journey- and don’t forget to take all those possessions with you. (Oh, the wit, the wit.)

Kisses and Cuddles,

Flagon & Satchel


P.s My name’s Chloe, but shout loud enough to cater for my horrendous hearing and I’ll respond to pretty much anything.

*Oh. I said this would be brief didn’t I? Looks like ‘Concise’ won’t be going on the CV just yet…


A little word about pretty pictures

There are beginner photographers…there are amateur photographers… and then there is I. I belong to the category of people that splurge hard earned cashola on a snazzy snapper in the hope that the ‘togging talent will shift seamlessly from the machine to within my skillset.

All photos on this blog are courtesy of me and my Lean, Mean Photo-Taking Machine. If I appear in them (which, for both your sake and mine, let’s hope isn’t too often) then it’s likely a family member, friend or willing passer-by has done the honours. In the unlikely event my, very much lack-lustre, togging abilities leave you compelled to use a picture, please be nice and ask first. Thanks- in bundles.


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