One and all, this week has been crackers. Brilliantly crackers. I’ve arisen in the early hours and hit the hay in the very late ones, all in the name of a slight wild card of a course I’ve decided to do. I’m not finitoed yet; there’s oodles of practise and revision to be had but it has proved as fulfilling as I had hoped (albeit far more intensive) so far. A good thing, given that I raided the piggy bank and booked it on a slight last-minute whim.

In other news, back in February (ummm, just how quickly are the months whizzing past?) Daisy and I had coffee, homemade cake (beyond tastilicious) and a natter with the lovely ladies at The Little Shed in Goldalming. Laurie and Linda have recently relocated their little shoppy to a quiet courtyard nook just off the high street and it is as cute as a Farrow & Ball button.

There’s a whole host of sumptuous stuff to be had so do pop by if you’re in the area. For those flung farther, here’s a wee snippet:


I said it was sumptuous.



Do you ever stumble across a blog and fall head over heels in love within approximately 3 seconds?

At a quarter past five this evening, Cinq Mai stole my heart with it’s utter gorgeousness. Gorgeousness of such a high degree that I unearthed the french from within my 10-year-old-fluent-self and left a comment, en français (albeit questionable français). And it takes a lot for me to crack open the French. A lot.

After I’d finished inserting accents aigus, I reached for my phone and tapped an over-excited “You MUST see this!!!” text to a darling one with whom I’ve been chatting all things blog and beautiful today.

And beautiful Cinq Mai certainly is. Caroline’s photography is absolutely breath-taking; her use of Liberty’s famous prints is perfection, her home is enchanting and her palette of colours are my dream.

Oh the french; they’re just so darn talented, aren’t they?

Hop on over to Cinq Mai’s Shop, Blog and Photography pages; you have not lived until you’ve witnessed the wonderment for yourself, I’m telling you.

All images copyright Cinq Mai; a blog so beauteous it’s obscene.



WARNING: Creative juices were spilled in the making of this blog post.

My feelings towards fashion, you ask? Fashion smashion. Start chatting fashion and I run for the hills. Suggest shopping clothing and I sprint for the mountains.

To me, clothes shopping is like stabbing eyeballs repeatedly with a freshly-sharpened steak knife. It is like slicing limbs off one by one with a super-charged chainsaw; hanging off the edge of a cliff with nothing but a dislodged fingernail and a toothpick.

The thing with clothes shopping, friends, is that there is never a reward. I never leave the shop bag-swinging and looking hot to frigging trot- even before my eyeballs have been stabbed, limbs sliced and soul lost to the sea.


But Boden. We need to talk about Boden; the kings of the catalogue world. A world whereby precisely zero energy is lost to fruitless but effortful clothes shopping trips. Now I have so much time for Boden.

As a young one I poured over the Mini catalogue and circled everything that my heart desired in the hope that the Boden fairy might leave it under my pillow. As a slightly older one I still sit and circle everything, except this time, sadly, I’m about as hopeful of the Boden fairy arriving as I am of squeezing into that aged 5-6 polka dot skirt. (And even if pigs flew, could this twenty year old really pull off that beaut of a green striped t-shirt complete with iced lolly appliqué and flower sleeves?)


Boden’s beautifully british catalogues have always captivated me, as have their savvy approach when it comes to the old marketing lingo. They just leave you feeling happy, don’t they? I positively want to greet them with a sloppy french smacker after reading the chummy repartee that accompanies all promotional material.

Jobby on the Side purposes resulted in access to the press website being gained today, wherein some cracking images lie. So because I’ve always been just the most hummungous fan of their art direction and styling, I thought I’d share a few faves avec vous. Don’t mind if I do.


(I mainly included the last photo because he is wearing sexy specs. But shh, don’t tell. We could also discuss how mighty fine image two is looking, non?)

And no, this is not “sponsered by Boden”. I just got carried away in a moment of article-that-I-should-be-writing procrastination. Alright?

P.s Obvs, these images are not mine. All courtesy of the brainboxes at Boden, aren’t they.


Disclaimer: The following is so completely beautiful that you may wonder if your eyes are deceiving you. Spare the trip to Specsavers; I can assure you they are not.

I’m not sure about you, but the french quarters of the blogosphere had been waters relatively uncharted within the realms of my mental blogroll. Until just recently, that is. Lying rather firmly (read: cemented) in British and Scandinavian style, I can only assume my heart had been distracted from the apparent loveliness that lay just across the channel. And by apparent loveliness I mean only one thing: Caroline Gomez, an absolute flipping genius of a Madame with a, seemingly effortless, ability to make the everyday completely and utterly lovely.

It was during a Friday morning flick of the recently re-launched Milk Decoration (scored in a newsagents just down the road from the office- a celebratory dance ensued) that my eyes and Caroline’s rather dashing Maison first met. Needing to find out more for reasons of self-sanity, I put the tasks of the day momentarily on hold (like the professional that I am) and took to Google, as one does. It was here that my mouth fell open and the drool began to flow (one heck of a revolting visual- I can only apologise) as I perused Caroline’s paradise of pastels- drizzled in a dash of neon, no less.

With such joy needing to be spread to one and all, I rolled out an email to the talent in question- attempting to channel my ten year old french-school-attending-french-speaking self- and asked if Caroline might be so kind as to ply me with the most humungous list of requested images- because choosing just a handful was out of the do-able question. And said humungous list was joyfully received.

So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the bloody brilliance that is Caroline Gomez; wonderment guaranteed to brighten this grey, murky and miserable day. *Drum roll please…*

This is, in short, the prettiest beach I have ever seen. You?Those fish surely can’t be real? *Drool. Flying the nest and moving into one of these? Sounds like a plan, Stanley.

Caroline’s empire stops not at her blog, crumbs, no. Her talents extend far and wide with a shop, site and magazine (a copy of which I fully intend to get my hands on) among the Gomez Greatness awaiting your beady eyes.

No, really, don’t thank me. Tis my pleasure.

Happy Wednesday!

All images courtesy of Caroline Gomez- merci beaucoup Caroline!


I clop (read: power walk in sensible flat shoes) through the office doors a good forty to fifty minutes early on an average day. Partly because of the way the trains and traffic work, partly because I quite like easing into the day, but mainly thanks to an excessively punctual personality (I am, after all, my mother’s daughter). As such, I have some perusal time before I crack open the inbox and tackle the delights of the day.

One particularly miserable Monday I was browsing t’internet during said hour; one thing led to another and before I knew it I was sat beaming at Cox & Cox’s homepage. Not a company I can recall stumbling across at any point previously, my mood was somewhat lifted by the Scandinavian-esque goodies up for grabs. The clever cloggs’ at Cox & Cox HQ have done a rather snazzy job of individually styling and shooting- a touch which, in my humble opinion, makes all the difference to a brand- meaning the already delicious line of goods are even more enticing. Yes, they really are.

Given that sharing is caring, I simply had to email the press office, indulge in chit chat and grab a few images of my absolute favourites- for a post which is in no way whatsoever sponsored, I hasten to add. I’ve not made a purchase just yet, but with the birthday scroll (read: post-it note- the mini version- credit crunch ladies and gents, credit crunch) shortly to be drawn up, I might just be requesting a longed-after item or two.

So without further ado, I present Cox & Cox and just a fraction of the endlessly lovely things that caught my eye. Credit cards at the ready, brace, brace.

From top to bottom and left to right:

  1. I actually need these letters in my life. Love. ‘Em.
  2. Well hello there lovely nordic pendant lightPillows; you’re also sitting pretty, aren’t you?
  3. Whoah, popcorn bowl?! As Miranda’s mother would say, “such fun!”
  4. Not seen a speaker like this before- me likely the wood/white combo. Très chic, très chic.
  5. Oh crumbs, I frigging love stuff like this, it makes the menial bearable.
  6. These platters are just great- usable as chopping or bread boards, but also as platters- or even plates. Yep, I can see a drippy slice of spinach and ricotta pizza resting seductively on there, you?
  7. Who doesn’t love a candle? Particularly one with a mustard hue, fabric top and cute tumbler. And the fact it’s a cake. But a candle. *Calorie-friendly alert*.

All images courtesy of Cox & Cox, more of which can be seen here.

You, my friend, are absolutely welcome. Happy Wednesday!